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600,000 pirated printers to promote UX training

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Printer ports open to the world

Can a bot able to hack printers from around the world encourage office workers to become designers fighting the future of AI? Nothing is less certain, but this is what the Russian online university Skillbox is trying to do, which uses an iconoclastic means to publicize one of its new web design courses. Using the Shodan API, which indexes devices connected to the Web, the marketing agency Possible Group has reported that it has successfully printed a warning message sent by a company since March 11, 2019, on more than 600,000 printers worldwide. bot to office workers.

Without being a lawyer, we know that Possible Group, which is part of the multinational WPP, should probably not run the risk of a legal catastrophe by carrying out such an operation. It seems that it is the Russian branch that is at work, perhaps less hesitant to flout certain basic ethical rules. But the fact remains that in the end, all these scanned printers do not represent a violation of computer fraud laws because no damage was caused to the devices during this scan.
These printers, stupidly exposed online because of their open 9100 port, can not be damaged by Shodan users who can simply print a message. But there is something to wonder about its content: "By 2024, there is a 94% chance that I replace millions of accountants, auditors and financial analysts, regardless of their level of experience or talented ", one can read the clerical employees targeted by this iconoclast piracy. " All is not lost. I will not be able to replace the creative professions in the near future. Only 20% of graphics work will be replaced by bots by 2024, "says the message, before embarking on a Skillbox UX design course created by Michael Janda, author of Burn Your Portfolio.

"The world is changing rapidly and we need to tell as many people as possible," Skillbox CEO Dmitry Krutov said of his "surprising" promotion. "We want to avoid mass unemployment that will result from advances in technology. Everyone deserves a job that will allow them to reach their full potential and help them succeed. That's why it's important to start thinking now about the work you'll be doing in five to ten years. And, of course, the CEO wants employees to sign up, clearly outlining the growing paranoia in society that AI will take jobs. The full message can be read on the Beware of Bots website or - why not - by contacting a nearby company to find out if it has been targeted by this strange hacking campaign.

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