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Microsoft Releases Patch for Wormable Bug That Threatens Corporate LANs

Microsoft Releases Patch for Wormable Bug That Threatens Corporate LANs

Beware of 'Coronavirus Maps' – It's a malware infecting PCs to steal passwords

Beware of 'Coronavirus Maps' – It's a malware infecting PCs to steal passwords

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  6. Introduction SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol The goal is to enumerate the user and peripheral accounts in a system using SNMP SNMP consists of two elements: 1. The manager 2. The agent SNMP contains two elements that interest us: 1. Read Community String 2. Read / Write Community String Operating : On each machine have installed an agent that stoic information in a nome MIB database The managers are responsible for questioning the agents and Manages the hatches Browser MIB / Platform Administration tools Requests / Responses / Alerts Management Information Base (MIB) [Hidden Content] Exploitation [Hidden Content] Enumeration [Hidden Content]
  7. The enumeration will allow an attacker to: • Identify valid user accounts • Shared resources • Networks Applications Methodology 1. Find the Ips address range 2. Calculate the network mask 3. Discovery of active hosts 4. Port Scanning 5. NetBIOS enumeration 6. SNMP enumeration 7. LDAP listing 8. SMTP enumeration 9. DNS enumeration 10. Reporting Port to List : [Hidden Content] More informations will be update later
  8. Hello, This time i will share with you some tehcnique to delete your tracks When you gain access to a systeme, before leave you need to delete all logs for avoid recon So, some person want to delete all logs for the system, but it's really working ? No, When you delete a log file, it's not really deleted. Because when you delete a file it's not really deleted but only the way to find him in the disk, A system administrator for example linux can determine which files have been deleted and it is possible to recover, with for example the command sudo above all -w -i / dev / sda1 -o / Recup So, How i can really delete this ? A good technique to avoid recovery of the log file is to shred the file ! How to use it ? Simply use $ shred /path/of/file shred is a unix command that allows you to permanently delete the content of a file (or partition) without the possibility of recovery. To get there, there are repetitive and random writes in the file. Why it's better than the old rm ? As I said above, it is more efficient to do this than to delete the data, because even when it is deleted from the index it is still possible to find this information. The safe and effective way is to rewrite data over that to erase
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