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  1. rootkan

    SQL injection with Sqlmap

    sqlmap is very easy tool
  2. rootkan

    dork generator TSP Dork Generator Hot edition

    TSP Dork is so cool
  3. rootkan

    Locate an IP

    tools?what 's happness?
  4. rootkan

    Android DLL modding

    This method of operation is very special
  5. rootkan

    OpenBullet 1.0.0

    that's so cool
  6. rootkan

    Penetration Testing Toolkit

    This is a complete set.
  7. rootkan

    Damn Small Vulnerable Web

    super great i like
  8. rootkan

    Simple PHP backdoor

    that's so cool ,php
  9. rootkan

    Slayer Leecher v0.6

    Is it only for Slayer Leecher v0.6?
  10. rootkan


    I can use the latest technology to make the perfect kill-free effect.?
  11. rootkan

    Google Dorks 2019

    it's new 2019 first,i 'm one
  12. rootkan

    multichecker Blaze Checker Cracked

    So was ye world created. From this are & do come admirable adaptations whereof ye process is here in this.
  13. rootkan

    SQLi Dumper V9.8

    thank's for us
  14. rootkan

    Source Crypter

    Minergate Silent Miner ( FUD Hidden ) _ XMR Miner CPU 2019
  15. rootkan


    study like so cool