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  1. superseani2


    Accept Read and understood, captain.
  2. superseani2

    Introduction - superseani2

    Pseudo ÐarkMøðns Age 21 Why did you come to this forum? Share knowledge, learn some, What do you think you learn on the forum? Certified Ethical hacking ? Eventualy uncertified What do you think you give to the forum ? Energy / Fun ; A brain / Aditional point of view, my time. hopefully a good one What's your best specialty? Video Game hacking, Automation, Autoit, Lua. Also Keeping my enemy closer then my friends. Tell something about you Did start an DPE in "soutien informatique" , butt i felt like ... i could do so much more on myself... seriously after 3 weeks of Intro stage, we started to learn how-to VirtualMachine-Ware on X86 Win64 . . ? I woke up one day and told the teacher that i was really sorry but i wanted to quit right now and to please do not blame herself, i quit, i started learning at home... i do not have ever worked as part of an official Business or Corporation, i can give references but, cannot guaranties they will provide solid evidence of how much a good job i did for them. They all more or less exploited me and kicked me out when i was done. I would like to first say , i am shy but not toward who i am, also a part-time gamer(used to game way more before actually getting bored of getting hacked all the time, this is when i started developing a competitive mind and quickly realize what was worth Competing for... as Competing to be the best HACKER was... unfortunately a lot of my friends dream and few remains, which i am proud of being able to reject toxicity in my social life. I also wanted to help others and thats when i realized i was Neutral-Good. I am very and they say too much of an honest person. I can't lie if i've been told to in most case i will say that it is a lie, not even a moment later, its against my nature(i have ways around myself aswell but never really had to lie to myself i prefer staying honest , BUTT ... Business is Business , If we are testing the new GTX 2160 TI and are lucky pre-release review's and we must NOT leak sensible information since Nvidia would be waiting on an AMD release to Slap back the price tag ? Yes i can Apply a secret. I am very pacific and will NOT ask for help unless i really have no starter, but will always be prepaid by default for the most project i work on, Life scenario's aswell : bad lucks as opportunities. I never really learn something at 100% unless i do have a concrete project, i learned with time to search and approach mostly owner's with improvement ideas for finance as much as user experience, most places that hired me we'rent what i was looking, dirty work as i call it. The boss was BASICLY telling me to not Screw back the Customer's Iphone, because he would come back anyway ? I reassembled the customer phone, told him to go somewhere else and left. I am VERY dedicated to learning, now there is a lot, of stuff i do not even know about, but i have a basic idea on how to start to learn of i'd say at least 50% of an lets assume a 100% "Software knowledge" , which is not even possible, but at least for what is Public knowledge(ReadTheFManual Tier stuff) :; - C/+ - java, jsnode - Lua - Slackware - Haskell / Lamda λ - MySQL - Decompiling .dll(did a 74kb dll project whitin 4 days, learned on the spot. nothing fantastic) What i know - Many Win Vulnerabilities:; ... Just way too many Vulnerabilities ?? _-DOS/Powershell, Autoit, Java, Colinux, Office/PDF Macro injection, Manual File FUD.... -Linux, Grub, Arch, Debian, FreeBSD - Html/Php : From Hosting to monetizing. - Python : Front End Software conception _- Input / Device emulation, Creating Frameworks - Lua: Function Automation, easy to use,minimal, Blazing fast. _- Local Network Task automation, Fast Operation _- Active / Background functions. Low resource consumption. - Mid tier Knowledge of Security and Vulnerabilities : _- Win32/64[Autoit,DOS,C] ; Redirecting, ARP, Remote Management, Reversed Traps Attack. _- Basic Server exploits : Duplicating/Extracting , Memory injection, Vulnerability detection/solution - Encryption, Encoding. Here Have a basic custom personal Solution using .Hex file extension and assigned encoding method , :Exemple: file.C Hex = [01 02 03 04] => save as : file.C encoding=UTF-8 => Hex [30 31 20 30 32 20 30 33 20 30 34] What do you want to do ? Teach Learn Train Development Assistance Rate the forum design Sponsor Guest