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  1. 0x0A


    ^^very good ability. Nice to meet you and welcome home.
  2. 0x0A

    Hello From US East

    Welcome and nice to meet you big boy (193.04 Centimeters)
  3. 0x0A


    Welcome home !
  4. 0x0A


    Wellcome home Joseph_23 , enjoy your stay!
  5. 0x0A


    I read them.... and I respect them .
  6. 0x0A

    Hi from Krishna

    Wellcome Krishna , enjoy your stay!
  7. 0x0A

    Hello from Italy

    Hi everyone ! I enjoy connecting people's who's performed in SEC. INFO : security analysts, pentesters, red-teamers and all stuff in the security filds. Name : 0x0A Age : python -c 'print' "A" * 600' Why did you come to this forum? : Learning, learning and learning What do you think you learn on the forum? : Exploit development advanced level What do you think you give to the forum? :I'll help with what I can.( level; medium-advanced) What's your best specialty : Incident handler/Analizer, Metasploit handler And tell something about you : I’m a young and enthusiast Linux Engineer and Professional PenTester at Vodafone IT – section NCIRC, analize and respond to cyber attacks. Administrator on Hackyard Security Group and Pentest Team-Leader of hackyard/red-team.