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  1. Naylor

    BlackBullet 2.1.6 Cracked

    to wait you can use Openbullet it's the better version and opensource of blackbullet ==> [Hidden Content]
  2. Naylor

    Introduction - BBSport

    welcome to you french buddy 🖐️
  3. Naylor

    checker Spectrum Spotify checker

    This is a Spotify checker Proxyless, very High CPM : LINK: [Hidden Content] Source Code (C#): [Hidden Content] I let my previous Hits on the Export folder Leave a like
  4. Here is TSP Dork Generator Hot edition This is a useful tool to make you're own Dork list: LINKS: [Hidden Content] Leave a like
  5. Naylor

    multichecker OwnedCracker 37

    Here is OwnedCracker 37 it's another multi checker tool (no config needed): LINKS: [Hidden Content] If you want Proxies free go on this website: Proxy List Leave a like
  6. Naylor

    OB configs (.LOLI)

    I'm sharing you some configs, make your choice (the configs are not made by myself): [Hidden Content] (I will add some sometimes) Leave a Like
  7. Naylor

    Android DLL modding

    Yes she's not very famous, but she is very effective
  8. Naylor

    Android DLL modding

    Here a tutorial, for AssemblyCsharp/mscorlib modding. (Android game Hacking) Link for the pack : [Hidden Content]...
  9. Hi, I will show you how to personalize your Linux terminal like that: From: to: PS1 So this method don't use any package to install, because what we are gonna use is ".bashrc" on the path "~/". If when you are in the path "~/" but you don't see him when you do a "ls" than't normal, do "ls -la" to order and see hided files. So now it depends on if you have GUI or not: -if you have a GUI type "sudo gedit .bashrc" -else type : "sudo nano .bashrc" (you can use vim or mg) go to this line : So the line which interest us is the "PS1="...."" Now all u have to do is modifying yourself the value of the variable PS1 (if u don't know bash coding : [Hidden Content] ) Leave a like
  10. Naylor

    OpenBullet 1.0.0

    Black bullet release an open-sourced version: I share you the file : [Hidden Content] the github: [Hidden Content] And a little pack of config (Gift) : [Hidden Content] Leave a Like
  11. Yo, I'm gonna be showing you how to get animated Profile discord avatar without buying the nitro (+ no need to hover the avatar to see the animation) to get the animated Avatar you'll first need to download a GIF image (with the .git file extension) then go on this website [Hidden Content] and convert your image into APNG (select the image, click on Upload, and then click on Covert to APNG) when the conversion is done, right click on the APNG image and click on save the image as, make sure to have : then go to APNG to GIF and upload imag.gif Click on resize image (100×100) for better compatibility with discord. Finally, download the image resized with that parameter ==> Then just modify your discord image with this one (You can use this technique on many other website/application) Leave a Like
  12. Naylor

    python Login page

    Yes and no, if you want to challenge you to reverse or brutforce U can, but if you just want to learn something (like GUI interface on python etc...) you can too
  13. Hi, I'm gonna show you who to make a phishing attack. (Phone message vector) It's basic so no knowledge in computer programming needed (but better with...) What are we gonna do ? -We are going to send a message at different people with linked to a phishing page -And all that with a computer (even the message) Steps: -First either you have your own phishing page either you go on website with default phishing page like z-shadow and other... -Create an acc / start your DB -Then Send a message like "We saw that someone try to connect to your Facebook account please log you in with this link : Facebook.phishing.fr to disconnect the malicious person" -You can Send the message with this website: [Hidden Content] /!\ Disclaimer : You can't receive the answer + the used number is 37208 Now just wait for the victim to log in Leave a like
  14. Naylor

    My next language

    OK then I think I'm gonna begin C language then I'll go to the rust language, thanks for you advise ^^
  15. Naylor

    CSRF V.2

    This post is only for the one who already read The first Tuto. So in this one we'll see how to code your own website (payload) step by step and I'll be explaining all. Introduction (HTML knowledge required) You can Code a website, and in this one you can make a form who's gonna send some information to the PHP page of another website to make some unexpected action, like change the email of the victim to change the mdp and then take the account, or if the victim is an admin you can delete account or do whatever you want. How to build our website ? [Hidden Content] Leave a like