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Found 1 result

  1. Yo, I'm gonna be showing you how to get animated Profile discord avatar without buying the nitro (+ no need to hover the avatar to see the animation) to get the animated Avatar you'll first need to download a GIF image (with the .git file extension) then go on this website [Hidden Content] and convert your image into APNG (select the image, click on Upload, and then click on Covert to APNG) when the conversion is done, right click on the APNG image and click on save the image as, make sure to have : then go to APNG to GIF and upload imag.gif Click on resize image (100×100) for better compatibility with discord. Finally, download the image resized with that parameter ==> Then just modify your discord image with this one (You can use this technique on many other website/application) Leave a Like /!\ PATCHED BY DISCORD